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Now while entering in the sixteenth successful academic year we are thankful to all our students, their guardians, our well-wishers, patrons and specially to those who watered and nourished the sapling of ER- DR CLASSES in formative years. While preparing for entrance exams we faced innumerable problems in competition-oriented education pattern that is why, in the very beginning, we decided to do something new in this field.

We felt the system can only be improved while devoting yourself for it. In the beginning we faced both encouragement and discouragement of the society because our venture was not in tune with the present- day society...


A unit of ER-DR Acad. Pvt.Ltd.

H.O.: Royal Plaza, Munshi Puliya Petrol
          Pump, Indira nagar, Lko.

B.O.1-: Adj. C.M.S., Above Gas Agency,
          Sect. O, Aliganj, Lko

Collection Centre -: 1/23, 50mtr away from BTW
          towords Kathauta Petrol Pump,
          Vastu Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lko

Phone No.:+91-0522-4015590,
       9335841085, 9415467131

email : erdracad@yahoo.co.in

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