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ER-DR CLASSES, in its gradual step by step process, after completing intitial six years at different places, is now situated, you may say, at a very cool and comfortable place for the purposes of competitive studies.
Now we are situated at the heart of the city considering the transport and conveyance facility, having sufficiently large area, nearly 8000 sq ft, separately for each and every purposes i.e. separate disturbance-free classroom area, library and students study room, different offices for problem solving section, test paper section, examination and rank section etc etc.
Our space is completely pollution-free, no outer disturbances because our space have air and sun from all the four directions. Our separate classroom area provides cool, hygienic and very peaceful atmosphere for teachers and students both.
We have our own ground-water, that too purified by aqua-guard, for drinking purposes. Every classroom, library, study room is equipped with all the amenities as ACs, perfect lighting system.
We have separate clean and airy space for students enjoying break-time at our temple of learning with Maa Saraswati. The above space and facilities are equipped with Lift facility also.


A unit of ER-DR Acad. Pvt.Ltd.

H.O.: Royal Plaza, Munshi Puliya Petrol
          Pump, Indira nagar, Lko.

B.O.1-: Adj. C.M.S., Above Gas Agency,
          Sect. O, Aliganj, Lko

Collection Centre -: 1/23, 50mtr away from BTW
          towords Kathauta Petrol Pump,
          Vastu Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lko

Phone No.:+91-0522-4015590,
       9335841085, 9415467131

email : erdracad@yahoo.co.in

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