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For last 16 years of his passion and excellence for guiding students to achieve the epitome of success in various competitive exams and has given coaching a new dimension.
Bright scholar throughout his academic career, got selected in IIT-JEE 1998 (did not join Marine Engg.) due to his eager interest in teaching he joined IET, at Lucknow and started teaching for IIT-JEE along with pursuing B. Tech. He got the offer from various renowned coaching institutes as faculty member. (Not interested in joining due to persistent requests of the students and personal ambitions). Innovative teaching with creative analogies is his forte. Presently, working on a book entitled "Mathematics: Within a certain limit”.

    Believes in:

  • Student success
  • Lifelong learning
  • Respect, integrity,trust, honesty and ethical behaviour
  • Continuous quality improvement

The Institute is administered with a people first philosophy that makes faculty members, administrators and directors - accessible to students.

Dear Student,
Welcome to ER-DR CLASSES

Cracking any Top Level Examination is all about your perseverance quotient, endurance, learning ability, managing time and stress and zeal to model the path of success drawn by the connoisseur.
To ensure your success in any competitive examination, we have designed our class room programs in a scientific and systematic manner that develops both your knowledge and your problem solving acumen. we are dedicated and devoted individuals of highest caliber with genuine concern for building your future. The academic environment in Er-Dr is highly conducive enabling you to succeed in your efforts.
Our associated team members play important role in preparing test papers, assignments & text materials . It also plays role to answer queries and clear doubts of students related to the subject .
In our efforts to deliver quality education, we emphasize more on the need to establish one to one contact with every student and be attentive to his/her need so that the teacher can monitor individuals progress and guide them accordingly on the way to success. If you put your best efforts then I am sure that, together we can conquer any competitive examination.
Providing excellent education and support to students for competitive examinations is a tradition at Er-Dr since its foundation. And today it is evident with outstanding results of Er-Dr students in various competitive exams.


Had an excellent academic record during his MBBS-course in Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College, Kanpur. Due to his passion for teaching he declined to pursue medical profession. Writing a book on Chemistry entitled “The Mathematical Approach of Chemistry.”
After 14 years of experience he has evolved a mathematical approach of teaching chemistry to avoid confusion in concepts and minimize the burden of facts of the subject. After the classroom he gives definite time to the subject to know what has been asked and why. It is why all the questions asked in different competitions are very well covered by his classroom program.

    His mission:

  • The quality of education.
  • Truthfulness with students, parents & society.

Dear Student,
Welcome to ER-DR CLASSES

Initially I congratulate your resolve to be an Engineer or a Doctor from any one of the reputed institutes in India.
To get success in any competitive exam you need strong determination within you and surrounding motivational approach. Your determination for the super career is very much praise worthy.
At Er-Dr Classes we provide scientific and self oriented pattern of teaching making you improve within yourself confidence for cracking any competitive exam. Art of teaching science at Er-Dr Classes is simply the application on your vision of nature which inspires you to gain more and more about the subject .In classroom concepts are discussed by generating queries which sharpens your analytical thinking and develop competitive ability.We always maintain one to one teaching which improves your knowledge base and discussion ability.
Since amount of material matters but what matter more is quality of material to solve all types of problems of the subject. At Er-Dr Classes we provide you all which sharpens your determination to qualify any top level competitive exams. Enjoying the examination hours is more important than the enjoying classroom. But the best is enjoying both.


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