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“It does not
matter whether
you are a friend
or a
colleague, but in
the field of
competition you
are a

Dear Student,
Welcome to ER-DR CLASSES

In the present age of competitions and with the rising standard of competitive examinations and abrupt increase in the number of competitors, even a slight edge of person over his competitors, can do wonders for him/her. The questions asked in the examinations are generally tricky and involve more than one topic of the subject. A student is not only expected to have a thorough knowledge of all topics of the subject but should also know how to apply these concepts in solving the problems which are generally thought provoking, involve ingenuity and require an in-depth study. Moreover, one should know something extra, something additional and something original which generally others do not know. Keeping all these things in mind, we here at ER-DR CLASSES provide complete package which can be most fruitful once consumed and utilized in a way we deliver.

    Some salient features of our methodology are:

  • Each topic starts with a complete detailed theoretical discussion, an exhaustive list of some extra tips and shortcuts and tricks are provided.
  • It is then followed by DPAs and exercise sheets depending upon the length of the topics.
  • Each question bank generally contains multiple choice questions.
  • After the question banks, each topic is provided with one or two self assessment tests other than scheduled test series.
  • For each question bank/self assessment test, a complete and special problem discussion class is conducted to remove all the ifs and buts from the mind of student.

“Develop the
attitude to think
about the
problem as what
and why instead
of just looking
for the answer"

Dear Student,
Welcome to ER-DR CLASSES

Being a faculty of ER-DR Classes, I want to share my some hard earned views regarding competition life and memory enhancing tips. First of all as much you learn that much you earn. Your learning, leaning and positive approach is indivisible, it can not be snatched or parted by anyone. But for that you have to work in your studies hard, harder and hardest to achieve your desired target or goal.
Learning capability can be increased by following P- plan; D- do; C- check; A- action.
Forgetfulness can be minimized by revising the topic after one day, after one week and then once in a month.
Having keen interest in Biology I have developed a way to re-defined cumbersome concepts of subjects in more simple way.
Keeping all concepts in mind, we here at ER-DR Classes provided technique to generalize the concepts of subject and relate various aspect of Biology with Chemistry and Physics.


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