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We believe for our well being on our sanskars. Karma and Dharma comes out of these sanskars. Karma and Dharma are two faces of the same coin. Students’ self-determined and dedicated devotion “Karma” and our self- dedicated devotion ”Dharma” is the key of success. This is the “Dharma” ER-DR CLASSES preach.

A satisfied customer is the best advertisement. We don't need the columns of newspapers to show what we are not. Our results speak louder than the words. The success-ratio of ER-DR CLASSES is much higher than all the earlier established coachings of U.P. Certainly, we are not proud of the crowd of failures. For every successful candidate most of the established coachings have got 50 to 100 failed candidates. For us at ER-DR CLASSES every individual student is important. We seek to improve the success prospects of every individual.


A unit of ER-DR Acad. Pvt.Ltd.

H.O.: Royal Plaza, Munshi Puliya Petrol
          Pump, Indira nagar, Lko.

B.O.1-: Adj. C.M.S., Above Gas Agency,
          Sect. O, Aliganj, Lko

Collection Centre -: 1/23, 50mtr away from BTW
          towords Kathauta Petrol Pump,
          Vastu Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lko

Phone No.:+91-0522-4015590,
       9335841085, 9415467131

email : erdracad@yahoo.co.in

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